"Networking is a miracle!!!...a true miracle."—MP

"NSA has changed my life. After a lifetime of internalizing stress & battling the aches, pains & health problems it created, I finally have found a solution. It is difficult to explain the changes to others. However, whether I have a session that produces dramatic results or one that is more subdued, I always feel better when I leave."—GM

"NSA has decreased my daily migraines down to a couple mild ones a month. I no longer have any lower back pain either. NSA is GREAT!!! Thanks Dr. R"—MM (age 10)

NSA has made a great difference in my life. Not only has it helped make my days pain free, it has also greatly improved my stress level. I can now sleep through the nights soundly, and wake in the morning with no pains & very rested. I have tried to explain it to others, but you have to experience it to believe it. For the first time in 26 years I can do anything and not worry about back pain."—BM